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Cyber Risk Consulting

Increasingly sophisticated information technology shapes the business world. The opportunities it offers expose companies to information security threats. Especially when sensitive data or bespoke industrial systems are involved.

We help you avoid or reduce the potential impact from cyber-related events. Given the scope and continually evolving nature of the threat, organizations need to prioritize cyber risks at the highest level.

How We Can Help You

We examine and assess the protection level of your critical assets: industrial systems, traceability systems, financial control systems and logistics management systems.

Our Scope of Services:
  • Cyber security conformity to check compliance levels
  • Security by design approach to integrate cyber security into corporate project management
  • Cyber security management systems to define, update or redesign information security policies
  • Multi-risk site evaluations to assess sites with cyber impact, such as datacenters, server facilities and, in addition, infrastructure, fire, physical security and safety


Your Benefits

We help you better understand your cyber maturity and evaluate the economic impact of cyber risks to your business. Controlling internal processes and practices reduces the exposure of your sites. And you optimize resources and IT investments.