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Environmental Liability Risk Consulting

Environmental damage can have dramatic consequences for your business, not just financially, but also – and often more significantly – for your company’s reputation. At a global level, authorities and businesses alike are ever more sensitive to ecological issues. And the laws and regulations concerning environmental liability have become more stringent, as has enforcement.

We help businesses from almost every sector identify and understand environmental risks, and to implement cost-effective measures to minimize these risks.


How Can We Help

We conduct risk surveys to assess environmental liability exposure. They focus on:

  • environmental sensitivity of the site
  • environmental impacts under normal / abnormal operation taking into account prevention and protection measures in place
  • consequences of a major environmental loss and recommendations to mitigate the risk
  • residual risk if recommendations are implemented


Our environmental risk report includes mapping (potential pollution vectors for each location) and an action plan with recommendations. Our web-based self-assessment tool lets you extend this analysis to a larger set of non-surveyed locations.

Annual stewardship meeting and benchmarking
  • Synthetic analysis of environmental risk, indicating the most sensitive sites
  • Summary of recommendations, including the estimate of the maximum possible environmental loss
  • List of investments deemed necessary for risks mitigation, ranked by priority


Your Benefits

You get a quantified view of your company’s insurable environmental exposures. We also support your risk management team by developing a dedicated action plan based on the potential issues at each of your locations.