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Marine Risk Consulting

Global supply chains and transport systems form the backbone of our global economy, fueling trade, consumption and economic growth. Lean and agile processes, as well as the geographical concentration of production, have made supply chain networks more intricate. They have also changed customer risk profiles. More expansive intermodal connections expose carriers and cargo to greater vulnerability.

Our specialized marine risk consulting team provides you with comprehensive risk consulting, training and risk management programs to protect products, operations and people.


How We Can Help You

We have the expertise and tools to provide marine hull and machinery risk assessment and risk management support.

Our marine risk consultants evaluate your exposures per shipment, account or portfolio. They recommend loss prevention measures to help you reduce risks of damage or loss. They conduct inspections of vessels, shipyards, marine energy systems or other assets, including those potentially underwritten by Rochester Insurance™.


Your Benefits

Ship owners, ship managers and shipyards benefit from our technical support to control marine-related risks and improve loss prevention. Safety at sea protects human and physical assets and helps prevent environmental damages caused by maritime operations.