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Property Loss Prevention

Your company operates different facilities at a variety of locations in different geographies. We help you create a comprehensive overview of the risks you’re facing, with details on exposures and constraints you might encounter locally. We’re there to identify how these risks fit into your corporate risk management strategy. We support you to determine and prioritize investments needed to control these risks.

Our consultants conduct risk surveys at your locations to identify and analyze the exposure to property damage or loss. Our survey reports contain loss prevention plans aimed at protecting company assets – buildings, equipment, and goods – along the entire value chain.


How We Can Help You

Our loss prevention services include:

  • Field visits to analyze fire and associated perils, machinery breakdown, theft, and natural hazards (Construction, Protection and Exposure = COPE)
  • Loss prevention reports detailing the risks identified and quantifying a site’s vulnerability in terms of Normal Loss Expectancy (NLE), Maximum Probable and Possible Loss (MPL), including Business Interruption (BI) analysis
  • Action plans to safeguard company’s business (including training)
  • Key performance indicators to follow-up the implementation of recommendations and the risk quality rating
  • Project follow-up for new constructions or for extension to ensure that the project complies with the latest prevention and protection standards or requirements
  • Human element programs
  • Catastrophe management including pre-emergency planning and event analysis
  • Impairment management
  • Infrared services
  • Loss investigations
  • Commodity & full-service fire testing at UL (USA)
  • Insurance diagrams (CAD)

Your Benefits

Working with our client’s insurance and risk managers, we craft cost-efficient solutions to minimize damage and disruption to your business. We help you control property risks such as fire, machinery breakdown, theft and natural hazards.

In our client portal you can access the data of your locations and track the implementation of recommendations, with relevant dashboards for project follow-up.