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Risk Consulting for the Energy Sector

The energy sector is one of the most significant industries globally, and companies within this sector face a variety of complex risks. Our team of risk consultants has extensive expertise with the unique challenges associated with this sector, and has developed a suite of services tailored to the following risk domains:

  • Property including fires and explosions, natural hazards and machinery breakdown exposures
  • Construction / engineering
  • Casualty including third-party and environmental liability exposures


How We Can Help You

Our services include:

Assessment of chemical risks:

  • Management of process safety, asset mechanical integrity and maintenance programs, and emergency response / human element procedures
  • Hardware factors, including layout and construction characteristics, process control and protection, and fire protection systems and means
  • Evaluation of complex loss scenarios (i.e., vapor cloud explosion) using recognized tools and software


Loss prevention services:

  • On-site surveys to identify and analyze fire, explosion and associated risks
  • Risk engineering reports to quantify the site’s vulnerability, the risk via loss scenarios estimate (Normal Loss Expectancy, Estimated Maximum Loss and Maximum Possible Loss), including interdependent and contingent business interruption exposures
  • Loss prevention recommendations aimed at preventing uncontrolled release of highly flammable/explosive substances and mitigating the consequences in case of a loss


We support industrial clients in the following sectors:

  • Upstream – Exploration and Production
  • Midstream – Transportation and Storage
  • Downstream – Refining
  • Base and Heavy Chemicals


Your Benefits

We help your company evaluate the liability insurance limits appropriate to the level of damage potentially affecting third-parties (toxic release, oil spill, fire / explosion) and provide project risk engineering review capabilities to help mitigate risks during design, construction and operation.