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Risk Scanning Consulting

Lean inventories and just-in-time manufacturing. Complex supply chains with webs of primary, secondary and tertiary suppliers. A continually evolving macroeconomic environment. Plus, the uncertain impacts of climate change. These and other forces are creating greater interdependencies between different commercial operations and industrial processes. All of which reinforces the need for more sophisticated risk assessment methodologies to analyze broad portfolios and perform multi-peril risk assessment.

In response, we have developed an innovative risk scanning solution to help you assess a large portfolio of assets using quantitative algorithms to measure and benchmark risks facing specific sites.


How Can We Help You

Risk scanning is a three-step process that uses user-friendly tools to conduct a customized site and portfolio risk assessment:

  1. The client gathers information from the sites with the aid of a mobile application. The client can add photos and comments to produce a more precise assessment. This combined information is used to create a detailed risk database.
  2. Our experts analyze the variables to create risk maps that provide an easy to understand macro-to-micro view of the risks. They cover both, your global exposure and site-specific deficiencies.
  3. Our risk expert defines together with you an effective risk reduction strategy on the basis of AS-IF simulations.


Your Benefits

Risk scanning combines the efficiency of a digital approach with the risk expertise of our consultants to define your company’s risk management strategy. Risk Scanning helps you quantify your risks at site and global level with a timely and cost-efficient approach. The output is a consistent picture of relative risk levels across a large portfolio. You will assign resources more efficiently and target investments to the riskiest sites.