Our bespoke solutions cover offshore and onshore farms including hatcheries and grow-out operations. with a focus on the main risks fish farmers face:

  • Disease
  • Pollution
  • Theft
  • Predation
  • Storms or other weather-related events like freezing or supercooling
  • Mechanical breakdown or electrical breakdown at onshore farms
  • Changes in water including deoxygenation and salinity


We also offer coverage for damages to property and equipment including boats, moorings, cages and feed barges.

Benefits and Services

Based in Bergen, Norway, the aquaculture capital of the world, AXA XL’s Aquaculture team is an acknowledged market leader. The team has over 60 years of combined underwriting expertise along with a wealth of practical fish farm and veterinary experience. Our underwriters and claims managers also are experts in biomass estimation methods which ensures that covered losses are assessed quickly and fairly. We maintain ongoing relationships with fish farmers around the world, large and small, as well as leading university researchers, and are continually looking for new solutions that will help to boost resilience and enhance productivity.

Client Profles


  • Multinational public companies
  • Small and medium-sized private operators
  • Other direct insurers as a reinsurer