Rochester Insurance™ is a leading insurer to the global aviation industry, including airlines, airports and aircraft makers, as well as ground operators and specialized aviation companies. We offer tailored cover for everything from hull damage and third-party liability to product liability including war and terrorism. Our appetite includes:

  • Airline hull and liability
  • War, terrorism and political risk
  • Fixed base and rotor wing operators
  • Financial institutions
  • Contingent aircraft liability
  • Repossessed aircraft hull and liability
  • Hull deductible buyback
  • Corporate non-owned aircraft liability
  • Charter operations
  • Corporate aircraft/industrial aid
  • Airport liability
  • Airport service providers
  • Aviation ground handlers liability
  • Aviation manufacturer’s products liability
  • Legal liability for aviation products and provision of aviation services
  • Tailored cross-class cover available


Benefits and Services


  • 24-hour response to all claims
  • Able to offer multi line aviation products to individual clients
  • Constant dialogue throughout the life of a claim
  • Claims meetings and reviews as needed
  • Participation in disaster response drills and loss prevention seminars
  • Recommendations and support for safety and loss control audits


Client Profiles

Typical clients include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Aircraft product manufacturers
  • Ground operators
  • Corporate and Commercial fleets
  • Individual General Aviation Aircraft operators