Rochester Insurance™ helps livestock farmers worldwide protect their assets from risks such as mortality, infertility, theft and disease. We use the know-how of industry experts, risk consultants and vets; to assess risks and design fairly priced products.

Whether in situ or in transit, all livestock classes are catered for, including:

  • Production animals (sheep, cattle, poultry, pigs)
  • Alpacas and deer
  • Exotics (zoo animals, aquatics, reptiles, exotic birds)
  • Embryos and semen

Benefits and Services

  • Bespoke product design
  • Unrivalled claims service
  • Broker seminars and training sessions
  • Access to biosecurity risk consultants

Client Profiles

  • Multinational companies
  • Large single-nationality companies
  • Upper Middle Market companies
  • Public companies
  • Private companies