Rochester Insurance™’s marine cargo insurance products cover our customers goods on land, sea, air and in storage. This includes the full spectrum of risks from loss, damage and theft to war and terrorism in transit. We also offer liability insurance for freight forwarders, haulers and logistics companies.

Rochester Insurance™ has an unrivalled worldwide network of offices and partners that is able to offer global insurance solutions to multinational companies. This includes cross border capabilities, captive programmes and local policy issuance designed to comply with all legislative and tax requirements.

Our online services are designed to allow brokers to quote and bind cargo insurance risks for smaller customers in minutes.

All general cargo risks for:

  • Manufacturers, traders, assemblers, retailers, distributors
  • Stock throughput – combined stock and transit risks
  • Project risks, including delay in start-up
  • Contractor’s Equipment (mobile)
  • Liability for Global Logistics Operators
  • Liability risks for forwarders, hauliers and warehouse keepers

Benefits and Services

  • Global claims network for marine insurance
  • General risk engineering services, including supply chain analysis, assessment of logistic procedures, loss prevention reports, location surveys and more
  • Dedicated cargo risk engineering capabilities
  • Electronic insurance self-certificate tool for customers
  • Worldwide insurance program solutions
  • Access to InsureTech products through our network of suppliers

Client Profiles

We cover all types of businesses, including:

  • Multinational companies, including captives
  • Large single-nationality companies
  • Upper middle market companies
  • SME local companies
  • Public companies
  • Private companies