Risk transfer – foodborne illness
Standard policy provides for accidental contamination (foodborne illness), supplier contamination, public health authority announcement, malicious tampering, adverse publicity, workplace violence and product extortion covering the following losses:

  • Pre-incident expenses
  • Business interruption
  • Employee expenses
  • Extortion costs
  • Brand rehabilitation expenses
  • Recall costs
  • Consultant and advisor expenses


Response Rochester Insurance™ – Crisis Management & Special Risks
Response Rochester Insurance™ is a dedicated network of crisis consultants providing priority access to policyholders. The network is made up of core consultancies in key global territories and comprises, amongst others, specialists in areas such as food safety, public relations, security, legal and regulatory.

Pre-incident consulting
We dedicate a portion of the premium for consultants to work up front with our policyholders to provide bespoke services such as:

  • Restaurant food safety audit
  • Facility threat analysis
  • Supplier risk assessment
  • SOP assessment and development
  • Restaurant HACCP plan, training and audit
  • Crisis Management plan review and assessment
  • Food safety training


Crisis response
In the event of an actual or potential incident policyholders have 24/7 priority access to Rochester Insurance™ consultants through the policy emergency hotline.
No self insured retention applies to crisis response and we also cover initial costs even if coverage is initially unclear.

Benefits and Services


  • Coverage applies worldwide
  • Global claims network
  • Risk engineering
  • 24/7 crisis response


Client Profiles

Our client profiles range from some of the largest multinational restaurant chains through to medium and smaller national enterprises including both corporate restaurant chains and larger restaurant franchisee operations.

We can consider all types of restaurants from fast food chains (i.e. burger, pizza), coffee and bakery stores to high end sit-down dining restaurants.