Rochester Insurance™ is a leading insurer in the space insurance industry. We work closely with our clients and brokers around the world to develop innovative, specialized products covering all types of spacecraft and launch vehicles through development, pre-launch, launch and in orbit.

We offer:

  • Launch coverage for spacecraft and launch vehicles from ignition through spacecraft separation in orbit
  • Post-separation coverage for spacecraft through initial operations, deployments, orbit raising and testing
  • In-orbit coverage for ongoing operations of satellites through their life
  • Coverage for transponder users, including loss of revenue and extra expenses
  • Coverage for satellite manufacturers for loss of incentives and warranty payments
  • Coverage for launch risk guarantees
  • Specialized coverage for small satellites and unique missions
  • Seamless pre-launch and launch coverage
  • Launch and in-orbit liability coverage


Benefits and Services

Rochester Insurance™ provides a unique suite of insurance products for space-related activities with specialization in:

  • Small satellites and launch vehicles
  • Unique mission designs
  • New technologies and applications
  • Industry-recognized leadership in space insurance data



Client Profiles

Our clients include:

  • Satellite owners, operators, manufacturers, and users
  • Launch providers
  • Telecommunications, earth observation and other space organizations
  • Governments and institutions

We also support development of unique missions, payloads and capabilities from new, entrepreneurial space organizations.