• Policies are underwritten to insure you against the risks of physical loss or physical damage to the insured asset, resultant business interruption or loss of hire, control of well and re-drilling expenses
  • Dependent upon the location of fixed or floating assets, coverage may be extended to include the perils of offshore war, terrorism and catastrophic perils such as windstorm and earthquake
  • Property risks are principally written offshore, from small unmanned single structures to multi-platform complexes, major trunklines and intra-field pipeline networks, sub-sea completions and offshore mobile drilling units
  • Property coverage onshore includes but is not limited to land rigs and oil lease property
  • Construction risks are written for offshore projects only


Benefits and Services

  • Recognized market leaders for energy insurance
  • Flexible underwriting
  • In-house engineering and risk management services
  • Market leading claims service
  • Global footprint


Client Profiles

Our customer base is extremely varied and diversified, ranging from small independent companies to fully integrated major oil companies and National Oil Companies (NOCs).